Hallquist Homes prefers to use the Cost Plus Approach to home building. In this system a management fee is charged on a percentage of the overall costs of the project. There may be a site supervisor, whether full-time or part-time, which is a separate cost identified within the project budget. Part time supervision is adequate for most homes although we do recommend full time supervision for larger, more complicated homes as there can be substantial cost benefits and to ensure that all aspects for the construction management process are covered effectively.

The cost-plus approach to custom home building has proven to be very successful and most home builders now opt for this approach. Some of the advantages in using this approach are:

  • Flexibility - Changes to the design are inevitable when building a custom home. This approach allows for design changes to made at actual cost, and to be executed in a timely manner avoiding delays.
  • Purchasing Power - All costs incurred on the project will be passed on to you as true costs so that you may enjoy the full benefit of our purchasing power.
  • Team Approach - A team based approach provides a more productive and enjoyable working environment for both the homeowner and the builder. When all parties are focused on a common goal the process of building a home becomes more efficient.
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